Jre 1.5 Sun Microsystems Download

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Jre 1.5  Sun Microsystems Download

Note: The value of the Classpath field does not affect the classpath environment variable.

Jdk and jre Requirements The difference between the jdk and the jre is that the jdk contains the jre, plus tools necessary for compiling Java code.

About jdk Parameters The -g parameter instructs the compiler to add debugging information to the generated.

Note that if you manually change your settings to use another local version of the jdk, it may fail to load properly unless you also point the Current Version setting.

There is no requirement for this classpath and the classpath used by the Stylus Studio Java compiler to be identical.

However, it is good practice for them to be the same.

The default value for this field, (classpath), specifies that you want to use the contents of the classpath environment variable.

Verifying the Current jvm An easy way to verify the current version of the jvm installed on your local machine is to select Help About Stylus Studio from from the.

You can manually specify that Stylus Studio use a different or, for example.

Once these properties have values, Stylus Studio uses them until you either Use the auto detect feature to change them.

Select General Application Settings Java Virtual Machine.

Configuring the Java Runtime Engine or jdk This page identifies the Stylus Studio modules that require Java runtime and Java compiler components, where you can download these Java components, and.

In such situations, Stylus Studio Technical Support might instruct you to change this value.

Modifying Java Component Settings Properties for jvm and jdk components are displayed on the Java Virtual Machine page of the Options dialog box, shown below.

How Auto Detect Works The auto detect feature prompts Stylus Studio to fetch the settings from the registry setting Current Version under the key hkey local machine software JavaSoft Java.

The following application development tasks would require the jdk as opposed to the jre, for example: Downloading Java Components Java runtime and compiler components are available for download from Sun.

The Java Virtual Machine field displays information about your jvm installation.

Jre 1.5  Sun Microsystems Download

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